Psychic Reading

me nana frame (Small)

I have just had a fab psychic reading, all in the name of research for the blog! I was contacted to see if I would like a free 20 min psychic reading through Kooma. Of course I said yes. I have been wanting to go & see a psychic for over a year now, just to see if my life is heading in the right direction etc but I was put off by the fact that there are so many charlatans out there and often extortionate prices to see someone who has a good reputation. I even went to a local psychic night … [Read more...]

I’m Going To Find A Happy Place…

chester anglesey (Small)

We headed back to Anglesey for a few days at the start of July and stayed at "The Barn". We had 3 dogs with us this time (Meg was boarding with us, so we took her for a little mini break). We had lovely weather (apart from the last day) and even went kayaking & body boarding in the sea (no pictures of us in wet-suits!). Yummy cream tea on the last day at the fabulous Giddy Aunt's Tea Room - amazing scones & such an inspiring lady! PS - I don't have much to say … [Read more...]

Goodness Direct Haul

goodness direct (Small)

I made an order with Goodness Direct recently and got the following healthy goodies: I was sooo excited to get them! I have tried out some things already: I love the raw cacao nibs sprinkled onto fruit & yogurt or on top of a smoothie. I've been having the apple cider vinegar in a little warm water every morning & also using it as a toner (mixed with water). Does anyone else use it like this?? I've tried the raw cacao powder in a smoothie but found it quite bitter (maybe I … [Read more...]

I Quit Sugar – Paleo Inside Out Bread

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Yes, another recipe. This is an AWESOME recipe. As you may know I have been experimenting with cutting out sugar, so I was super excited to win a copy of Sarah Wilson's new cookbook, I Quit Sugar For Life. I LOVE this book. I think it talks so much sense and I read it from cover to cover like I would do a novel. There are so many recipes I want to try out but first on my list was the Paleo Inside-Out Bread. Would you like the recipe? Here you go: Ingredients: 150g almond … [Read more...]

The Nicest Veggie Curry & a New Pot


I am a massive fan of Indian food. However, I have a problem. As I am a vegetarian I hate that most Indian restaurants & takeaways near me don't use proper fresh vegetables in the curry - you can tell that they have used frozen veg from a packet. Yes, really - and not even a good variety of frozen ones, just carrots & peas! I did find one restaurant that used lovely fresh veg and I had a lovely meal, but it is about a 45 min drive away! Plus the last time I ordered takeaway from our … [Read more...]

Chester’s 4th Birthday

chester beach wall

Yesterday my lovely Chester was 4 years old! He had a lovely day - filled with all his favourite things - homemade pupcakes, new toys, treats and a trip to New Brighton beach. I am so glad that we got Chester - he has brought so much love & joy to our lives. He is a very handsome boy and is very gentle and loving (although he can be a bit stubborn - maybe just cos he's a man?!). Here are some pics from his day: Every birthday boy needs cake. Here he is with a pupcake between his paws … [Read more...]

#BEDM – Blog Chat

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My favourite blogging experiences include: Making some lovely "real-life" friends. Having a nice night out at La Tasca Liverpool to sample their new menu (& copious cocktails!). Going to Blognix last year (post HERE). My blogging tips (not that I take much notice of them myself!): Be organised! Plan your posts in advance as much as you can. Have a jar/tin of blog post ideas for when you are lacking in inspiration (I think I will def do this!) Use good photos in your … [Read more...]

#BEDM – Fashion, Beauty & Grooming

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Haha anyone who knows me knows that I couldn't really care about fashion. I like to wear clothes that are comfortable and functional! Beauty-wise I hardly ever wear makeup, but if I do I use Bare Minerals foundation that has no nasties in it. Recently I have been trying to switch over my face creams etc to natural alternatives. So far I have tried Green People Day Solution with SPF 15 (which is on an AMAZING Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer atm - I may need to buy more!) and it is fab. It also smells … [Read more...]

#BEDM – Walk To Work

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...Does walking down the stairs count?! I am sooo lucky to be able to work for myself doing what I love (walking lovely doggies). As such, I don't have a walk to work but I have lots of walks that I do during my working day. I adore being outdoors in the fresh air (even in the rain) and I am so grateful that I have lovely walks like this near me: … [Read more...]

#BEDM – Motivation

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I have been MIA the last couple of days on #BEDM - things have just been very busy, but I am choosing to do Friday's prompt today! Motivation is a tricky one for me as I have a tendency towards depression (sounds better than saying "I have depression"!). I could easily get stuck in a glum mood and have no motivation to do anything but stay in bed cuddling my cats or I could even make it downstairs and cuddle the dogs.... BUT, that is not going to make me feel any better is it?! So my … [Read more...]