Sugar Free Living

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I have been "sugar-free" for almost 5 weeks now. I haven't consumed any of the following: honey, syrups (including maple), sugar, chocolate, sweets etc and I feel fab! And I don't miss any of those things at all. I used to get really badly affected by sugar - even if I had one piece of cake I would feel lightheaded and dizzy. However, as I used to run a cake business and enjoy going out for afternoon tea etc sweet treats seemed like such a big part of my life I didn't know if I could give … [Read more...]

Sweet Dreams!

We have just recently bought a new mattress and bed frame after months and months of lying on an uncomfortable, un-supportive mattress. It is heaven! It took us a while to research all the different mattress types available, so here is a sponsored post from Bedstar with some tips... :) The Importance of Good Bedding A good bed can mean the difference between a blissful slumber that allows for a productive day and a fragmented, uncomfortable night that leaves you dozey and unfocused at work or … [Read more...]


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... I haven't been posting my book reviews on my blog recently but I am still reading just as much as ever. I am using Goodreads now to record all my reads. If you use Goodreads too, please add me as a friend so we can follow each other & I can get more book inspiration! ;) x MY PROFILE. Image from Pinterest.   … [Read more...]

New Beginnings…

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Well, 22 days into the New Year 2014 and I am just feeling the need to post now. Things are a-changing for me. I am going through a massive over-haul in my personal life & trying to become a better, happier person. Business-wise I have had to make a couple of tough decisions - I'm not going to be making any more cakes or doggy treats for customers. I made my last cake on New Year's Eve, and it felt good - like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Baking will be kept solely … [Read more...]

Goodbye 2013…

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... 2013 has been an OK year - a lot better than 2012. Onwards & upwards for 2014 then?!  Source In 2013 I: gained a lot of confidence travelling to markets all over the NW & selling my wares on my little stall. met a lot of interesting people. decided that I am no longer going to be a doormat & make an effort with people who don't reciprocate. went on holiday for the first time in our little caravan. got awarded a … [Read more...]

Soap Making Part 2

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So today was the day to see how my soaps had turned out. You can read Part 1 HERE. They popped out really easily of the moulds and here they are:  Top row - 2 x clear soap base with lavender flowers & lavender essential oil. Bottom row - white soap base with bath oil mix and rose petals & clear soap base with lavender oil & rose petals. Although it says in the instructions to make sure the petals or lavender flowers are mixed well in the melted soap, all my bits seem to … [Read more...]

Soap Making – Part 1

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I got sent a fab soap making kit from Baldwins to review. I adore the smell of lavender & I have always wanted to make my own lavender soap - so this was ideal! Here is what my kit looked like: It contains: 500g of clear SLS Free Soap & 500g of white SLS free soap (so good that they offer SLS free options!), 10ml of pure lavender essential oil, 25g rose petals, 25g lavender flowers, a 6 bar mould, a cotton apron and of course instructions! (I also got an essential bath oil … [Read more...]

#BEDN – The End

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I made it! I posted every single day in November with Rosalilium's #BEDN challenge. I have NEVER blogged every day for so long before. And y'know what, I loved it! It definitely helped having the prompts each day as that is my main struggle - finding inspiration of things to write about. However, I have learnt from this challenge that the topics don't need to be profound or I don't need to wait until something special happens to blog about it. It is so easy just to write a quick little … [Read more...]

#BEDN – All I Want For Christmas

Oooh an opportunity to try to finally make a photo collage. After much help on Twitter, I opted to use Pic Monkey for making my collage. It was pretty easy, but I just did it quickly - I'm sure it could be better. I'm not a massively materialitic person so I really had to think about these things. Give me new PJ's & slippers and I am happy (oh and some chocolate too!). I adore these "Busy Being" prints & notebook! Cat print, Dog print, Happy notebook. I'm very interested in … [Read more...]

#BEDN – The Great Outdoors

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I was never really an outdoorsy person until I got the dogs! I walk them EVERY day, rain, hail, snow or shine. And I LOVE it. I love getting outdoors, especially when I don't feel like it, as 99% of the time I feel a million times better for going outside and spending time with my dogs. My favourite walks are long walks on the beach or in a forest. Of course, the dogs love it too! :) Some pics of them enjoying their walks: … [Read more...]