“Why I Want a….” Writing Workshop

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So it is Week 2 of The Writing Workshop over at Sleep is for the Weak! I am choosing Prompt 2 for this week: “Why I want a ………..”

Why I Want A Smartphone!

I have never been particularly bothered about technology before and having the “latest” phone. I just have a basic mobile – I think it has a few games on it but I don’t use it for anything other than texting & phoning! My boyfriend, Gary on the other hand is obsessed with the latest gadgets and has a monstrosity of a phone that doubles up as a computer, a sat nav and god knows what else!

But since I have started blogging and being active on Twitter I have felt a real need to have one of these phones! I get “itchy” when I’m away from the computer and can’t check what’s happening on Twitter or panic that I have new comments on my blog and won’t be able to reply to them for hours…! Am I getting obsessed lol?

So I have decided that once my contract is up in September I am going to get one of these phones, so I can keep up with the blogosphere on the go! Imagine if we went away camping for the weekend and I didn’t have any interent access…! Yikes!

I honestly have no idea what sort of phone I want – I don’t need anything particularly fancy, just a good basic phone that lets me have reliable internet. Oh, I think I would need one that actually has keys to press – as Gary’s one is touch screen and I find it soo hard to type texts etc!

So I am appealing to all you more experienced bloggers, who will no doubt have had one of these phones for years, to let me know what I should go for! What sort do you have and what are it’s good and bad points? I’m not technology-savvy at all so I neeed help – there are so many models out there I don’t know where to start! If I listen to the other half, he’ll convince me I need an iPhone 4, then somehow he’ll end up using it and giving me his cast off lol….

14 Comments to “Why I Want a….” Writing Workshop

  • LiviNo Gravatar says:

    Get a blackberry! Get a blackberry! Get a blackberry!

    I LOVE mine, I could never go back to a "normal" phone now! It's awesome! I love it!

    Did I mention: get a blackberry!

  • Another GoldfishNo Gravatar says:

    I'm right with you. After three years of using Mr Goldfish's old phone, I finally got a brand new flip phone in November!

    Less than three days later the Mr goes out an buys himself a new smart phone. I'd had mine less than a week and he already had something bigger and better! (He could have at leasts waited a few weeks so I had the nice new phone for a while!) Since then I've been quite jealous. He's always got his head down checking things on the internet while I can't. Completely drives me up the wall. And even better, since he changed providers my bill has doubled in price!

    I REALLY want a smart phone. I can't justify it yet, but just you wait. I'm really hoping it will be in the next year!

    And I'm sure Mr Goldfish will get something even more fantastic the day after.

    • NicolaNo Gravatar says:

      Lol men are funny aren't they!! I'm quite lucky, at least Gary's bill had gone done even with this new phone as he threatened to change companys so they gave him a really good deal!

  • elsie buttonNo Gravatar says:

    after reading this you have made me want one too, i never even realised it before!

  • undomesticNo Gravatar says:

    Haha.. I love your comment about cast-offs – my husband does that, not intentionally he says, but he'd get more use of it. He has an iPhone 3GS but wants the 4 – and I have a regular phone, and at this point wouldn't even mind his cast off iPhone, if only data plans weren't so expensive around here.. Oh well, we'll see.

    The blackberry apparently is really nice, and not touchscreen, but I don't have firsthand experience.

    Stopped in from Josie's.

    • NicolaNo Gravatar says:

      Ah what are men like?! They're all the same lol…! Must check out the Blackberry properly. Thanks for the visit, am popping over to your blog now :)

  • laoi gaul-williamsNo Gravatar says:

    ohhh i have always avoided excessive technology…until my BlackBerry arrived in my sticky mits :)

    i love my blackberry~i have my e-mail pushed to it and e-mail friends, Twitter, text, i have four albums loaded onto it, can take photos and send them straight to Flickr and have gps and even have word on the move if i so wished to write an essay!

    i am mighty happy with it and will upgrade to another BB when this contract is up :)

  • gaelikaaNo Gravatar says:

    I don't know how I did it but I googled for my new phone. I found a service 'Find a Mobile' and I keyed in the features I wanted and got results back. I noted the model no. and went out and bought the hone. Couldn't find my way back to that service, technophobe me!

  • Emma-LouiseNo Gravatar says:

    I understand what you're going through, because 2 weeks ago I too had a – well, there's no other word for it – shite mobile, and I upgraded and got a BlackBerry Curve. Whilst I do love it, and find it really useful, you're never out of touch, and it flashes at me furiously whenever I'm sent an email, status update or a tweet where I'm mentioned. So there's pros and cons. I enjoyed reading your blog this week xxx

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