How Clean Is Your Gym?

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Yes, I have dragged myself along to my local gym (Fitness First) a grand total of 2 times since I made my September Goals. That’s actually pretty good going for me!

The actual exercise part of the gym has been fine. I have gone at pretty quiet times and not tried to kill myself on the machines – just been taking it slowly to break myself in. But when it comes to the showers – yuk – I cringe when I think about them. They stink. I’m sure they weren’t just as bad as this 6 months ago when I last used them!

The smell is horrendous, I even switched showers last time to move away from one of the drains but it was still bad. Add this to grimy walls and black grout (instead of white) and it is not a pleasant experience. I kept forgetting to bring flip flops so I don’t have to stand on the yucky tiled floor. They are now packed in my bag for next time!

The changing rooms themselves aren’t too bad, it’s just the showers! The gym has a comment box so I was going to write a comment about them but of course there were no comment slips left! (Maybe they have been having a lot of complaints lol..!).

I am considering changing gyms anyway. There is a DW Sports about a 10 minute drive away which is actually slightly cheaper per month (about £3). Plus it has a swimming pool and a lot more machines (including a vibrating plate!). As Fitness First is so handy for me I always just stuck with them, but the nasty shower aroma is really getting me down. Honestly – I don’t need another excuse not to go to the gym lol!

A simple solution would be to come home for my shower after the gym, but I usually dander round some of the shops afterwards so like to be fresh and clean. Plus, as Gary says “Why use our hot water when you are paying to use theirs” lol..

So what I want to know is – are stinky showers a common occurrence in gyms around the country? Am I being too fussy in expecting 5* (or at least 4*!) showering facilities?!

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6 Comments to How Clean Is Your Gym?

  • The MoidererNo Gravatar says:

    I use DW sports for the swimming pool. They are great. There is always a cleaning woman in the changing rooms and never once had any problem with the showers. Sounds to me like it's worth switching

  • KimNo Gravatar says:

    Eeeeewwww! I never used to shower at my gym for the same reason… plus there was always naked women parading around the changing rooms, which apart from hating, I never could understand, since the bloke attendants always used to wander in whenever they fancied (on the pretense of changing loo roll or something…). Mine was in the middle of nowhere so just used to go home and shower as there was nothing else to tempt me! Good luck with the piping this week, do post and let us know how you get on! :)

    • NicolaNo Gravatar says:

      Lol.. don't get too many naked women in my gym thank goodness! Yes, there will be a post about my cupcakes – good or bad lol ;)

  • The GirlNo Gravatar says:

    I avoid showers at all costs because of my extreme aversion to public nakedness.

    Hell yeah you should join a DW gym – I call the one in Hull the Super Gym after I went with my friend a couple of times because she had a couple of guest passes. It. was. amazing. And if it wasn't so expensive to join I'd be there in a flash. And the showers in the one in Hull don't smell I can confirm.

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