The Gallery – Black & White

Happy Wednesday everyone! Gary & I are finally feeling nearly 100% again after our “return from holiday” bug lol. I’ve had tons of work to do on our website but hopefully normal posting will resume soon!

In the meantime here are some pictures for Week 36 of The Gallery, where the theme is Black and White. I originally thought about getting a really nice, moody black and white image for this and I was desperately thinking of something black and white that I could photograph.

But then, I realised I have 2 lovely black and white specimens around me every day, so why not use them?!

The first is Jess. Or Baby Jess as she is known, even though she is the oldest of our 3 cats she is the smallest – she almost still looks like a kitten! Here she is messing about the stairs, giving her mummy some attitude!

Next, we have Sylvester. This is next door’s cat but he has been adopted as an honorary member of our household as he visits here for food daily and sleeps here most nights! This photo was taken on the very first morning that we were  in our new house. I was delighted to see another cat on our kitchen windowsill and ran out to take a photo – if you look carefully you can see our cat Meg checking him out from inside!

Head on over to Sticky Fingers where you can see the rest of the entries HERE. If you want to join in you will be most welcome, plus there is a prize on offer this week, a lovely canvas print of your favourite photo!!


  1. Hurray that you're both well on the mend! Lovely pics, I love the expression in Jess' eyes, she knows exactly what she is doing… and Sylvester is so cute, he looks like the cat I had when I was little.. I would love to have another one but Mike is allergic, gah!

  2. Love the attitude you are getting from Jess brilliant xx

  3. I haven't had cats for years now and seeing yours makes me miss them but just not ready to add them to the mix just yet. Gorgeous guys

  4. Aww,such cuties! I'm such a cat fan!

  5. Awww! Bless 'em!

  6. SeaThreePeeONo Gravatar says:

    What beautiful cats you have. I love cats. So much so that mine even have their own blog.

  7. Awww what beauties. I particularly like Sylvester's expression – he looks very pleased with himself lol

  8. Love your take on 'black and white' :) both gorgeous! x

  9. Glad to hear that you're both feeling better.

    Loving the way Sylvester looks like he's smiling with his eyes closed and the way his claws are all outstretched. Big show off.

  10. What a handsome fellow!


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