January Bake It! Club – Sundried Tomato & Cheese Scones

Yay – The Bake It! Club is back for January! If you don’t know what it is all about pop over to Cooking, Cakes & Children and read all about it! If you love baking and trying new recipes you should definitely take part each month!

I absolutely love scones, they were one of the first things I started to bake when I was younger so I was delighted to see this month’s recipe – sundried tomato and cheese scones! I had never tried to bake a savoury scone before (nor had I ever tasted one believe it or not!).

The recipe was fabulously easy and the scones came out really well. Gary doesn’t normally like sundried tomatoes so I was worried he wouldn’t like them but he thought they were really nice and tasty.

Here are my pictures of the finished articles. We ate them just out of the oven with proper butter (none of this margarine lark) melted on them :). If you fancy making these you can find the recipe HERE!

Mmmm lovely looking scones!

With butter melting on them!

Add a cup of tea = perfect! :)

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  1. These look delish, would be fab with a nice big bowl of soup!

  2. Just found your blog, It's got a nice vibe! those look delicious by the way.



  3. Mmmm… yummy! Thanks for joining in with the club this month, x

  4. Hmm they look so delicious! I bet they would be lovely with some red onion chutney on them.

  5. looks very yummy:))

  6. Oh my. These look amazing.

    They'll def be on my list of bakeable's this year.

  7. LadyBananaNo Gravatar says:

    They look yummy, I should get off my bum and make some!

  8. These look amazing I love cheese scones, but amazingly have never made them as mum makes them so I think I will have to have a go at these xx

  9. These look soooooo good!

    Love, love, love savoury scones (and just out of the oven with proper butter sounds amazing) :)..but cannot bake to save my life.

    Fee x

  10. Oh my god they look so good! Quick send one to me quick so I can have it with a cup of tea this morning!

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