#BEDN – Yes Moments

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Yes Moments are those tiny moments when life has complete clarity, meaning or certainty. Yes Moments can be life-changing or life-affirming.

I had a “yes moment” not long after we moved to England. I was drifting off to sleep and I suddenly was convinced that what I wanted to be was a dog walker/pet sitter. I had seen them at home in N.Ireland, I adored my pets, so why not. I remember feeling so happy that I had found something which I really wanted to do.

The next day I searched online & discovered that there already were some in my area. I was gutted.

I let my “yes moment” slip by. It didn’t occur to me that there may be room for more than 1 or 2 of the same businesses in an area – especially as with this type of work there is only so much capacity each business can take.

Now, as I am eventually starting my own dog walking/pet sitting business I am excited to be doing what I always wanted, but I am also a bit annoyed that I didn’t take action nearly 5 years ago! Imagine the business I could have had by now!

So when you experience a “yes moment” please act on it!


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