Sweet Dreams!

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We have just recently bought a new mattress and bed frame after months and months of lying on an uncomfortable, un-supportive mattress. It is heaven! It took us a while to research all the different mattress types available, so here is a sponsored post from Bedstar with some tips… :)

The Importance of Good Bedding

A good bed can mean the difference between a blissful slumber that allows for a productive day and a fragmented, uncomfortable night that leaves you dozey and unfocused at work or school. Choosing the correct bedding is thus incredibly important and the right one can garner real positive, long term effects for both you and your family. But which types of bed should you choose?


Firm or Soft?

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Your mattress is the primary object supporting you whilst you sleep; too soft and you your body, particularly your back and neck, won’t get enough support, leading to pain and discomfort. Ensure that your mattress is both firm and supportive, but not to the degree where pressure is being overly exerted upon your hips and shoulders.


Mattress Age

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Given the price of mattresses, it can be quite easy to slip into the mindset where one believes the need to never buy a mattress again; flipping it each season is a good way to increase the lifetime of the product but this is often merely a stopgap measure when the mattress is on its last legs. An important fact to remember is that mattresses usually have an average life of around 10 years, and after this your sleep will be interrupted by holes, unruly springs and other mattress maladies that will cumulatively have a highly negative impact on one’s health. Think it might be time for a change? Head over to our friends at http://www.bedstar.co.uk for a wonderful selection of styles and levels of firmness!



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It can be quite tempting to go for the smallest or cheapest bed available, especially during these less economically profligate times, however one’s bed must be large enough to accommodate you and anyone else you are sleeping with, lest cramped conditions ruin your sleep and create testy mornings filled with debates over who was stealing the largest proportion of the duvet! For older individuals this is of particular importance, as at advanced ages sleep becomes more restless and disturbed.


Type of Mattress

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It’s not the seventies anymore, and if we’re being perfectly honest your beat-up old waterbed really needs to go. With mattresses, it all comes down to the construction. Traditional spring mattresses with a layer of padding are less expensive, though a greater number of coils and thicker wires will make the bed more durable. You could also go for a foam mattress, which will provide the utmost levels of support but beware: you may get very hot in the summer months since these have a distinct lack of breathability.

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